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I have just returned to the UK after having five Struamann implants, fillings, and temporary crowns fitted. What can I say other than 100% satisfied. The treatment was the best I have experienced anywhere around the world. The doctor's knowledge and professionalism were second to none, and the price was exceptionally competitive, and when you consider it was for premium materials, I consider it unbeatable. I was apprehensive about my treatment, but it was necessary to replace lost teeth. Any options offered to me in the UK were prohibitively expensive or completely inappropriate. This, for me, is where my dental tourism began.

I don't rush anything; I never have. I investigated many, many clinics and spoke to many doctors and dentists. I choose Bucharest because of the state of the art clinics and superb doctors who practice there. Couple this with some of the best prices in Europe, and I believe you have a fantastic recipe. Omnia Dental for me were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and very importantly, considered my needs and expectations above anything else. The whole process is simplicity itself, booking a taxi from the airport is easy; simple-to-use touch screen machines with instructions in English see to that. A taxi ride to the clinic for an initial examination and then on to a comfortable, clean hotel which is literally fifty meters away; this had been kindly booked in advance for me. Again, no stress, no drama. The following day after a delicious lunch treatment began, treatment was carried out in an extremely modern clinic using the latest equipment, welcoming and warm staff who knew how to both treat you and reassure you about any concerns you might have. Everything was carried out at my pace, and I felt I was definitely number one priority. I have never been a huge fan of any dentist, but I find myself for the first time ever actually looking forward to returning to Bucharest for more treatment. Thank you all.

MARK (Norfolk)   

I had called the dentistry and spoke to the dentist. I told him my situation and what kind of treatment I needed from the phone. Also told him that I had only a few days to get that job done, therefore, I had to fly the next day if I could receive the treatment. And I asked him if could do it. He said, "Let me review this with my team and call you back". I said all right. Twenty minutes later, the dentist calls me and gives me the green light. He said that he would have to ask the team to work on the weekend, but according to what I told him that I needed, my request could be fulfilled on the requested period of time. The doctor even found me a very decent hotel to stay which was also less than five minutes' walking distance to his very clean and professional clinic. I was received with wide, genuine smiles from all the staff and introduced to all the members that would participate on my treatment. And the dentist explained everything to me after examining me personally, and made everything sound very simple and easy. And the way he worked also had the same element and approach and proved to be a very honest professional because what I had requested was not appropriate or even good for my teeth even though the dentist could make hundreds and hundreds of pounds from it. He told me that it wasn't my best option, and I could do something else instead which was better for me and save my money. He had a very high level of morals which is very hard to find today. I received one of the very best treatments from this clinic. The doctor even found time to give me a quick tour around the city so that I could have an idea of what to visit. He said, "I have a half hour break until my next patient, and I need to grab something to eat for the staff and myself. I am going to pass from the most touristic part of Bucharest. Would you like me to give you a quick tour to see the center?" I was very impressed with his friendly nature. I could write a lot more, but this is a review and not a book. But, all in all, a very good clinic with friendly staff and efficient treatment. The prices are amazing in comparison to UK and other EU countries. So, I would certainly recommend this dentistry. Good luck, and best wishes to all of you looking for dental treatment.

Excellent, and very friendly, professional, simple, affordable, and trustworthy staff. I would visit again.

NICK (Birgmingham)   

I was advicesed by my dentist to think about getting some implants done. She said she can send me to a Privit clinic in London but the cost would be quite high. So I looked on line and made contact with four clinics in Romania and decided to go with Omnia Dental after the dentist there called me and explained everything and answered all my concerns. I sent him my flight details and he had a driver meet me at the airport and he started the treatment the next morning. He made me feel very comfortable throughout and is still in contact to make sure I'm happy with my new teeth. I can't find the words to say thank you for his supereb service I would recommend this clinic to every one I know.

My experience at Omnia clinic was more then very good. They treated my like one of their family, The doctor called to make sure I was ok every day. I would say if I got the treatment in the uk I would not get such a personal service.

Thank you to all at the clinic


I was lucky eough to attend dr Octavians clinic in june this year to have some substantial dental work done, the work was done to a very high standard with everything explained and priced ( Half the price of the uk) I can only say dont hesitate to visit Dr Octavians clinic its first class and dr Octavian is a true gentleman, I am hoping to return later this year to have further work completed

First class

JOHN (UK)   

Fantastic Very Happy

My wife and I are very impressed with the quality and service we received from Omnia Dentist. Dr Munteanu was the only dentist which picked up a unseen infection and warned us on infection which was very serious. Both in the UK and Romania.
Dr. Munteanu and his team worked really long hours to finish a large amount of dental work in the time frame we had. I found Dr. Munteanu was honest and straight forward, there was no hidden costs and everything was communicated clearly to us.
The pricing was very competitive and well worth it.
We felt that Dr. Munteanu really cares about his patients and he bends over backwards to look after you and make sure you are totally happy.

To anyone which has not been to Bucharest before.
The majority of people speak English and getting around is easy and very affordable. We always felt safe and had a great time seeing the amazing sites around the city.


I've just recently returned from Bucharest where I received excellent dental treatment at the Omnia Dental Clinic. It had been years since I'd visited a dentist and a lot of decay had set in and I had developed quite a serious infection in my upper jaw which needed urgent attention. Dr. Octavian responded quickly to my inquiries and set up an appointment to suit my travel plans. He clearly outlined his treatment costs and what to expect upon my arrival. He explained that after the initial examination a treatment plan would be offered and he assured me that he would only carry out necessary procedures after consultation with me. Dr. Octavian speaks great English and is an excellent communicator so I quickly realized that I'd found my dentist.

On the morning of my appointment Dr. Octavian sent a taxi to collect us from our hotel. On arrival at the clinic, which is clinic is immaculate and well equipped,we were warmly greeted by the friendly staff. The examination began without delay and I was soon on my way to a nearby clinic for a CAT scan. Dr. Octavian personally drove us there and was more than helpful with additional information about getting around Bucharest and what to see during our visit.
My actual dental treatment began later that day. Dr. Octavian delicately extracted 2 large molars and removed the underlying infection while carefully preserving the remaining bone for later implants. I had 7 cavities filled the next day. The work was exceptional and with no pain during or afterwards. None. Overall, I was more than pleased with the treatment and will definitely return in a few months for implants and crowns. I would certainly recommend Omnia Dental Clinic to anyone. Great work and super prices. Thanks again to Dr. Octavian and his great staff.


My mouth (teeth and gums) were in a terrible state. Teeth (crowned) broken at the gumline. I was originally looking for 2 implants with a 4 tooth bridge, the CT scan showed I did not have the bone density for implants. Dr. Octavian suggested I have a bridge made that would give me many more upper teeth. Yes the price would increase but many extras were give free of charge. The end result was fantastic, Dr. Octavian is a genius. Highly skillful and very caring regarding the comfort of his client. Always asking if I was ok. The complete treatment took 4 days and I am now back home in the UK. Dr. Octavian I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hopefully I will return next year for the lower set to be improved upon if its possible. Again thank you. Treatment received :- 2 extractions, 8 root canal treatments, thorough descaling, laser treatment on the teeth and gums (biolase, google it), the teeth were blasted (similar to sand blasting metal) to clean them up and finally the Zirconium Bridge which he cleverly cut in half to make them look more natural with a tiny gap between the 2 front teeth. The bridges are fitted as crowns utilising the remaining teeth I had. Superb job.

I looked at many clinics in various countries. Dr. Octavian actually called me personally within an hour of my posting my enquiry. I still checked out others. We also had many email exchanges that included pictures from me and price quotes from the clinic. They sent a taxi to meet me at the airport and bring me to the clinic.They booked me into a nearby hotel. The clinic was very clean. Everything was great. I was told that if I had any problems or worries to immediately contact the clinic for assistance and advice as to what to do.

GUY (Southampton)   

Front upper crowns, made of zirconium and porcelain.
The professional care I received from Dr. Octavian Munteanu was of excellent quality. He cares about his patients. The price is of the treatment is competitive if compared with what we have to pay in Sweden. And Bucharest is an interesting and diverse city just a short flight away.

DINA (Sweden)   

What a brilliant service they had provided for me! he certainly knowns what he is taking about, very professional with a bit of personal and friendly touch. Flexible working hours and adoptable style, very attentive and most importantly, a superb practioner! highly recommended!

Very good!

JADE (Glasgow)   

I was quoted £7,500+ by my UK dentist to undertake some cosmetic surgery on some problematic teeth. I refused to pay this so after much research I decided to use What Clinic to help me decide where to have the treatment done.

I spent days researching and pontificating over which dentist to choose as this site just has so many and it is difficult to get a real feel for each one from the data presented on their section of the website. After much deliberation, I decided to use Omnia Dental for my treatment and must say this was an excellent choice.

I visited the Omnia Dental practice in Bucharest twice in a six month period to have three teeth extracted and replaced with crowned implants, saving myself over £5,000.

The clinic has an agreement with a nice apartment complex nearby (SS Residence) where you only pay £35 per night for a nice apartment, a mere one minute walk from the surgery. There is a local shop across the street and a cash machine, restaurants and a supermarket no more than 5 mins walk away.

From the outset, I have been so very happy at the choice I made. The first visit didn't quite go as planned due to a misplaced/incorrect email from me but he resolved this issue promptly and I was not unduly inconvenienced. The clinic is just off a rather non-descript road a 10-minute walk from Piata Unirii and close to the 783 airport bus stop. Many of the surgeries here have large, tacky signs advertising the services that they offer but Omnia Dental has a small plaque on the outside of what looks like an 18th-century cottage.

Once in the gates and through the courtyard, you find yourself in an ultra-modern, spacious and beautifully appointed, white interior walled surgery which is definitely in the 21st century. All of the equipment is brand new and from the look of it expensive. My local dentist in the UK is nowhere near as well equipped and appointed as Omnia Dental.

Whilst this is all very nice, the shining light of this surgery is the proprietor, Dr. Octavian Munteanu. He is truly meticulous, professional and a credit to his profession. He is friendly and talks through all of the treatments and is forever checking that you are okay and not in pain. My extractions were not easy and were truly challenging him but he persevered and ensured that I was never in any pain and that he did the job properly.

The placing of the implants (again a big job) also went to plan with no pain induced. The aftercare support provided by him was very good as was the email support received afterward. Price-wise he is not the cheapest I came across in my research, but by UK standards and for the overall quality his company provides you can do no better. The prices quoted are also what you will pay whereas a lot of other providers advertise an attractive overall cost but then the price mounts up with extras.

The only extras I had to pay for was an x-ray and a prescription for antibiotics. At the initial consultation, he went through spiels for a number of different types of implants but he didn't attempt to upsell to make more money. Instead, he gave reasoned opinions as to the benefits of the different brands and enabled me to come to a conclusion suitable to me and my budget. He had an attractive offer on when I had my treatment which worked out at over £5,000 less for the three teeth than I would have paid at my local dentist and this was amongst the cheaper of his suppliers. However, everything else I experienced over the six month period of my treatment (two visits) has been exceptional.

I would recommend Omnia Dental and Dr. Octavian to any prospective patient, rest assured based on my experiences, you will get an exceptional service from a very knowledgeable and able surgeon.

JASON S. (UK)   

I went to this clinic in March, Dr. Octavian was an amazing, skillful and caring dentist. I would recommend to anyone

Lovely clinic.

MARK (UK)   

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